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For me, crafting a drum is more than just a skill; it's a natural and profound connection with ancient wisdom. From the very first moment, it felt like second nature, as if I'd been doing it for lifetimes.

- Kat

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What people are saying

Could not be happier with the result

I am IN LOVE with my new drum! I got in touch with Kat to create a custom drum. Kat was extremely attentive and heard my vision and implemented it in an outstanding way. She went above and beyond to fit the needs of my drum, filling it with Love and pure intention! the quality and sound of my drum is like none other. Kat has been a dream to work with and I could not be happier with the result and our interaction! I have proudly shown my drum off to everyone who wants to know about it and am recommending her work to everyone!
~ Jamie

Amazing sound

Beautiful drum. Amazing sound. Lovely transaction. Thank you
~ Kelly

Excellent quality

Amazing product Excellent quality Made with love and intention Can feel the beautiful and cleansing energy with every drum beat. Highly recommended.
~ Sara

Highly recommend

This product is high quality and. It’s the finishing touches on this. That has made all the difference. It has a very unique sound And it’s very easy to use. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
~ Chris

Beautifully crafted

Beautifully crafted drum Made with love and intention You can feel the energy radiating off it with every drum beat. Highly recommended.
~ Sara

Love at first sight!

It was love at first sight! Beautifully made, and the instant connection was amazing. Thank you!

Truly magical

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for this item. It was a gift for my friend and the final touches eg. The peacock feather (this has been a prominent feather in her life in many ways) really were the essence of how I intuited this as a gift for her and how you created this gift. It was truly magical and thank you. Keep up the good work.
~ Chris

About Medicine Drums and Kat

Medicine drums have an ancient lineage, spanning thousands of years, offering a gateway to meditative experiences, self-healing, and spiritual connections. They’ve played diverse roles in various aspects of life, from aiding women in childbirth to accompanying men during labour, rituals, and even as instruments of devotion to goddesses. Evidence of these drums dates back to pre-Paleolithic times, with a notable association with women, particularly goddess worship.

In today’s modern world, these sacred instruments continue to find purpose as tools in the hands of shamans, reiki healers, sound therapists, yoga instructors, and more. Their resonance serves as a bridge to connection, healing, relaxation, and even joyful moments.

Enter Kat, our remarkable creator, who, despite being legally blind, found an extraordinary affinity for crafting these timeless drums. Her journey began in early 2021 during a shamanic mentorship, where she crafted her very first drum with such natural finesse that it felt like a lifelong calling. The initial challenge of inadequate lighting was overcome with the help of a support worker, marking the beginning of Kat’s incredible drum-making odyssey.

With unwavering determination, Kat continued to expand her craft and explore new techniques to cater to those who desired these exceptional drums but preferred not to make them themselves. Her home studio also serves as a hub for workshops, where she guides and empowers others to unleash their innate creative potential through drum crafting.

As Kat’s vision gradually changes, she remains adaptable and resourceful, relying on thick, dark Posca pens for marking the drum skins and investing in the finest lamps available to ensure meticulous craftsmanship. With the wisdom acquired through countless drum-making experiences, she’s now a maestro who could almost create these masterpieces blindfolded—an ironic twist of fate considering her potential journey towards complete blindness.


At Blind Kat Creative, we embrace the spirit of resilience and creativity that Kat embodies. Our mission is to empower you to discover the profound magic of medicine drums, each one handcrafted with love, purpose, and an indomitable spirit.

It’s time to step into your light, take a deep breath, and order your very own medicine drum!

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