About Kathryn Chivers

Unveiling the resilient visionary behind the beat!

Meet Kat – not just your everyday Kat, but a purveyor of positivity, a drumming dynamo, and the heart and soul behind Blind Kat Creative! 

A 40-ish-year-young force of nature, Kat has danced to the beat of life’s drum, even when faced with a visual challenge. With retinitis pigmentosa in her corner, she’s not just legally blind; she’s legally bold!

Kat’s life has been a culinary adventure, from her days as a chef to juggling roles at Toyota. Her wanderlust kicked in at 16 when she sensed the rhythm of change approaching and decided to explore the world. She’s danced her way through 12 countries, but it was the pristine majesty of Alaska that struck a chord deep within her. After her Toyota years in Perth, life’s tempo hit some sour notes, and Kat had to retire her corporate apron.

But like a phoenix, she soared higher, embracing yoga, fostering her own business, and igniting a passionate rhythm within. Life threw her a curveball with unsuccessful IVF attempts, but she harmonized with the unexpected, sharing her life with two toy Cavoodle sidekicks and a loving partner.

Then, in an unforeseen twist, the music paused when her mother unexpectedly passed away in July 2023. Through it all, Kat’s unwavering dedication to overcoming the symphony of challenges, including ADHD, anxiety, and depression, has transformed her into the embodiment of resilience.

Kat playing medicine drum in nature with sunlight behind her

Since 2018 she’s orchestrated retreats, workshops, and classes, creating harmonious spaces for self-discovery.

high res kat hero

With her tall stature, infectious liveliness, and humor that strikes the right note, Kat is more than a creator; she’s a connector. Her journey has woven the threads of shamanic training, Reiki levels 1 and 2, and multiple yoga teacher trainings, making her a maestro of holistic well-being.

Since 2018 she’s orchestrated retreats, workshops, and classes, creating harmonious spaces for self-discovery.

And here’s a little extra flavor for you: Kat is not just a rhythm enthusiast; she’s a daily meditator, a lover of essential oils, and a low-tox homeowner. With a creative twist, she upcycles furniture and crafts acrylic art that resonates with soulful vibrations.

She doesn’t just drum up connections; she orchestrates a symphony of creativity and well-being.

Come, join our chorus led by the woman who’s not just drumming to her own beat but teaching the world to find its rhythm, too.

Blind Kat Creative – where life’s challenges become the rhythm section of your success story!

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